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The Story:

For a long time rumours of the rising of a new Dark Lord had spread far and wide. The rumours had it that an evil leader had been gathering forces down in the south. Many miles away from Valley Doom. Still, the threath was concerning everyone. Last time there was a Dark Lord rising, he managed to rule over most parts of the earth. These were dark times for all living creatures of the earth.

"There´s a dark cloud over our land, and every day it grows larger. It´s a sign of death. I know it. I can feel it. Evil is over us, and we need to get prepared. Prepared for the worst time in the history of Valley Doom", said the wizard Arigo. "But how?", said the King in despair. "We are a people of peace. We haven´t fought a single battle since The Great Battle of Bargor-Zun 400 years ago." The Great Battle of Bargor-Zun lasted for thirteen years, and a countless number of brave warriors died. Many innocent victims were also killed brutally during this war. The wizard Arigo was there all those years ago, and still lives today to tell the story.

Excerpt from the Ancient Scrolls:

The Great Battle of Bargor-Zun (343-356)

"I looked up on the hill, and a gastly chill creeped down my spine. The cold darkness took a hold on me. An army of ten thousand filthy creatures from the blackest deeps of Hell. I have never seen anything like it. A tall, dark man came riding down the hill on a heavy armored horse. I believe it was the leader of the army. He came riding down as if he wanted to talk to us before the slaughtering. The people of Valley Doom were panicking at this point. "I want speak to the king", the man shouted as he came closer to the gates. He had a raspy and deep voice, and it did not sound human at all. As he stood before the gates, he shouted again: "I want to speak to the king!". The King of Valley Doom had heard the noise outside and demanded the gates to be opened. With a big creaky sound the gates opened, and the man got down from his horse. He walked slowly towards the King he suddenly drew his sword. The King fell down on his knees and his head came rolling down the marble stairs in front of the castle. The people of Valley Doom were horrified by the sight. The King´s son had seen it all from a window high up in the castle. He was devistated and ran down to take down the man who killed his father, but he was already on his horse, riding out of the city gates. A roar of thunder was heard from the army that stood and waited for him. They cheered as he came back. His mission was complete. The army did not attack us that day. But I know they will come back. And by the time they are back, we need to be prepared." From that day, 14th of July in the damned year 343, Valley Doom was not a safe place any more.

(dated 14th of July 343, written by wizard Arigo the Wise, member of the Inner Circle of Wisdom).

On 15th of July the streets of Valley Doom were filled with flowers. A ceremony for the great King, who had been killed the day before, was held at the city center. People walked through the streets with torches. The torches symbolized that there was still a fire of hope in the hearts of the people of Valley Doom. They would sing songs about their King and all his adventures. These songs were made so he would never be forgotten. After the ceremony everyone gathered down by the shore to say their last farewell to their beloved King. He was laid to rest on a pyre in a boat. The people of Valley Doom believed that by burning the corpse of the fallen, the smoke would lift the soul of the dead up to the skies so he could sit with the Gods. In the boat there was also offerings to give the King a safe passage to the Hall of Gods. His sword and armour, a chest of gold, two fur coats made of bear skin and some meat. The boat was sent out into the ocean, and the King´s son set fire to an arrow. He stood there long, aiming at the boat while thinking about his father. A tear ran down his chin while he finally let go of the string of his bow. The boat caught fire and was soon fully lit. As he saw his father burn, he cried and he swore by his father´s death that he would have his revenge. One day Valley Doom will be free again."

(dated 15th of July 343, written by wizard Arigo the Wise, member of the Inner Circle of Wisdom).

To be continued ........

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