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Order "MARIUS DANIELSEN - War of the World"

Release date: December 1st 2022, Digitally June 23rd 2023


"War of the World" is Marius Danielsen's new solo album available on CD, LP and MC. LP's still in production, but available for pre-order. Side A's theme is the end of the world, while Side B is more towards the fantasy style inspired by Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.



CD - 400 copies made

LP - 100 copies made

MC - 50 copies made


Line-up on "War of the World":

Vocals, guitar - Marius Danielsen (Legend of Valley Doom)

Solo guitar - Jimmy Hedlund (Falconer)

Orchestrations - Peter Danielsen (Legend of Valley Doom, Eunomia)

Bass - Giorgio Novarino (The Chronomaster Project)

Drums - Alessandro Kelvin (Perc3ption)


Lead Vocals - Tim RIpper Owens (ex-Judas Priest, ex-Iced Earth, KK's Priest)

Lead Vocals - Elisa Martin (ex-Fairyland, ex-Dark Moor)

Lead Vocals - Atli Guðlaugsson (Power Paladin)

Choirs - Anniken Danielsen

Growl choirs - Adam Danielsen

Let's work together!

I am Marius Danielsen from the bands Legend of Valley Doom and Darkest Sins. I have been fortunate to work with some of the greatest artists in the world with my projects. I am available for other bands now with these services:




Guest Vocals




I have also written and produced songs from scratch for clients. Contact me! E-mail:

Reamping service:

Kemper Profiling Amp

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Peavey 5150

Engl Powerball 2

Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100

Randall KH-120

Vox Cambridge 30 Reverb Twin

Positive Grid Bias Rack


Mesa Rectifire Oversized 4x12

Marshall JCM 900 1960A 4x12

Engl e530

Marshall JMP-1

Rocktron Piranha

Rocktron Gainiac

Rocktron ProGap

Other gear:

Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI

Torpedo Reload (for reamping)

Warm Audio Bus Comp 

Warm Audio 73-EQ

Klark Teknik Pultec Clones


ESP Eternal Descent Lyra F

Schecter Jeff Loomis signature

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Custom

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Tribute

Gibson Les Paul Studio Alpine White

Gibson Flying V

Ibanez IC300

Ibanez XG300

Fender Stratocaster

Fender Stratocaster Iron Maiden signature

Kramer Striker

BC Rich Warlock

BC Rich Mockingbird

BC Rich Mockingbird (body art model)

Ibanes Talman (Acoustic guitar)

Martin D-18 (Acoustic guitar)



Fender Presicion USA

Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird

Dean Custom Zone Fluorescent Pink

Dean Demonator

Fender (Acoustic bass)



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