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15.04.2015 - Robb Weir (Tygers of Pan Tang)
In the late 70s my favorite genre of all time was born. NWOBHM, or New Wave of British Heavy Metal. I am proud to announce that the guitarist Robb Weir from the classic band Tygers of Pan Tang will do a guitar solo for the upcoming album. If it hadn't been for bands such as Tygers of Pan Tang, Heavy Metal would not sound like what it does today. We would never have bands such as Metallica who started their career covering Tygers of Pan Tang and other NWOBHM bands! It really is a true honour to have such an influential band represented on my Metal Opera! And the best thing is that this band is still active and rocking. They released a very cool album called "Ambush" in 2012.

13.04.2015 - Mix and Master
Piet Sielck of the band Iron Savior will do the mix and master of the upcoming album! He is known for his work with bands such as Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger and Paragon to mention a few. I think he will do an amazing job, and I am looking forward to work with him! This album will sound amazing!
21.03.2015 - Alessio Garavello - Singer
Alessio Garavello will sing on the epic title track "The Legend of Valley Doom". He has got one of the greatest Power Metal voices out there, and he is a big influence on me. I remember trying to reach his insanely high notes on Power Quest's "Temple of Fire". It wasn't possible! His voice will fit perfect for this album!

Power Quest - Temple of Fire
Power Quest - Cemetery Gates
A New Tomorrow - Brighter Than The Sun

LIKE his new band "A New Tomorrow"

18.03.2015 - Mikael Holst - Vocalist

Mikael Holst will do a Metal duet with me on the song "Haunting My Dreams". He is the singer of the band Timeless Miracle. They released an album in 2005. I found this album last year, and it became an instant favorite. The song "Curse of the Werewolf" is really one of the best Power Metal songs ever written. You must check out their album "Into the Enchanted Chamber". And the good news is, they are actually working on a new album! 10 years later and they are back!

Timeless Miracle - Curse of the Werewolf

14.03.2015 - Alex Holzwarth - Drums
I was lucky to hire a fantastic drummer as a replacement for Ramy Ali. The man has played drums on some of the greatest albums ever released. Avantasia, Angra, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon etc. He is most known for being the drummer in Rhapsody of Fire. I am of course talking about the amazing and legendary Alex Holzwarth!

Rhapsody of Fire - Unholy Warcry

14.03.2015 - Important Message
I am very sad to announce that due to schedule issues Ramy Ali of Freedom Call will not be able to record drums for the upcoming album. We really tried to find some time between his touring, but it was not possible with recording studios fully booked etc. We will stay in touch and if the timing is right, he will play drums on Part 2 instead. I want to wish him and the rest of the guys in Freedom Call good luck for the rest of their tour. I hope to be able to see this band here in Norway soon. Another great Power Metal drummer is already booked as a replacement, so fear not! Check for the announcement in a few minutes!
19.02.2015 - Felipe - Guitarist
Today I recieved a guitar solo so epic it must have been forged with the Power of the Ancient Force. The whispering winds told me that it was recorded in the Forest of Destiny. Some say that the Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom witnessed it all one cold Eternal Winter night. I opened up the Gates of Glory and downloaded this face-melting solo. Thunder and rain came crashing down as the solo finally arrived to my hardrive. I imported it into my project and there it shined with all its glory. Life was good! The final guest is Felipe from the fantastic band Twilight Force. This band delivered my number 1 album for 2014. All hail Twilight Force and Felipe!

Twilight Force – The Power of the Ancient Force (Live)
Twilight Force – Enchanted Dragon of Wisdom

03.02.2015 - Marco Wriedt - Guitar

Marco Wriedt is the guitarist of the bands Axxis and 21Octayne. The first time I saw Helloween live was in 2007. There was a band called Axxis as on the bill aswell. I had never heard of this band before, and I was blown away. The band was fantastic, and I bought their new album "Doom of Destiny" the next day. Now, 8 years later Axxis still have a special  place in my heart. They are one of the greatest Power Metal bands out there! Give Marco Wriedt a warm welcome to the Valley Doomian family!

Axxis - Venom
Axxis - Doom of Destiny

Axxis - Utopia

03.02.2015 - Mike LePond - Bass

Mike  LePond is the bassist from the American Prog Metal band Symphony X. This is a band I have loved since I first started to listen to Metal. I remember back when I had this cell phone with 16 mb hardrive. It could only fit one song, and that song was "Of Sins and Shadows" by Symphony X. I must have heard that song one million times. home at my father's house. Since then Symphony X has stayed with me as a big influence and to have Mike LePond on my album, well that is just fantastic!

Symphony X - Set the World On Fire

Symphony X - Serpent's Kiss

Symphony X - End of Innocence

01.02.2015 - Barend Courbois - Bass

Here's a great Power Metal bassist for you. The mighty Barend Courbois is the bassist of legendary Blind Guardian. He also plays bass in the Wolfpakk Project. I really loved the new Blind Guardian album, and I think he will do a great job on my album aswell!

Blind Guardian - Twilight of the Gods

28.01.2015 - New Logo!
This fantastic logo is done by Stan W Decker. The man behind artworks for Timo Tolkki's Avalon, Stryper, Blackmore's Night, Night Rangers and many more!
22.01.2015 - Ignacio Lopez, Bass player
This one has been a long time coming. I got to know this guy 10 years ago when he played in Lord Kraven. We have stayed in touch since, and I finally got to meet him at Wacken last year.
 He now plays in the fantastic band SKILTRON and is doing great! He will play bass on a track for the upcoming "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1"!

Skiltron - Lion Rampant
21.01.2015 - Roger Watson, Narrator
Roger Watson will do narration for the album. His amazing British accent sounds so epic and perfect for this album. He sounds like a true gentleman, and you will be blown away! He has done a lot of audio books including Dracula and War of the Worlds and has done commercials for companies such as British Airways, Ikea, Hasbro and more. It's getting closer, guys!!

Trailer for Dracula
13.01.2015 - Matthäus Krais - Choirs
Hwill do choirs on the upcoming album. I was blown away by the amazing Power Metal track "Gales of Winter" by his band ShadowStrike. Check it out! I predict a great future for this band. It is very important for me to lift up new and fantastic talents. This band reminds me of what DragonForce and Dragonland's baby would sound like.

ShadowStrike - Gales Of Winter:
13.12.2014 - Kai Somby - Vocals
For the outro track for Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1 I wanted to do something atmospheric that can describe the feelings of the people of Valley Doom. I also wanted this track to represent Norway in some way, musically. So I decided to contact Kai Somby from the fantastic Sami band Intrigue. I have been a fan of this band for many, many years, and Kai is a great guy and an awesome singer. He will add traditional joik and throat singing to the outro. I think it will be amazing and unique!

Intrigue - Heavy Joik
 Intrigue – Engel

03.12.2014 - Chris Caffery - Guitar
I am glad to announce that Chris Caffery from Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra did an amazing solo for the song "The Fallen Heroes of Our Land". Savatage was one of the first Metal bands I ever heard when I was young and watching VH1 Rocks one glorious friday night! So this is pretty awesome! And that song "Wizards In the Winter" from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It is so epic, and there's never a Christmas without it :)

Savatage - Dead Winter Dead (Live)

Savatage - Gutter Ballet (Live At Monster of Rock 1998)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards In the Winter

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon Rock

01.12.2014 - Demo Single Stream
Check out the demo single of the song "Chamber of Wisdom" exclusively released through Legacy Magazine here:

Interview here:


02.11.2014 - Demo Single out December 1st!
Marius Danielsen has teamed up with Clintworks Studio and Legacy Magazine to release an exclusive demo single of the song «Chamber of Wisdom» from the upcoming «Legend of Valley Doom Part 1».
It will be out December 1st on Legacy Magazine's website. Later it will be available on digital services such as Spotify and iTunes. But, be sure to visit Legacy Magazine on December 1st!!

Line-up on this song:
Edu Falaschi - Vocals
Jonas Heidgert - Vocals
Jimmy Hedlund - Lead Guitar
Marius Danielsen - Rhythm Guitar and Bass
Peter Danielsen - Orchestration

Real drums will be added for the album, and not this exclusive demo single!

21.10.2014 - Olivier Lapauze - Guitar

Olivier plays guitar in Heavenly. This band is one of the most unique Power Metal bands out there. They have managed to create a signature sound by mixing Queen, big choirs and Power Metal. I was blown away the first time I heard this band.

Heavenly - Ode To Joy 

Heavenly - Lost In Your Eyes

Heavenly - Virus

19.10.2014 - Tobi Kersting - Guitar

Here's another guest guitarist for you. Tobi from the amazing Power Metal band Orden Ogan. When I first heard their music I was blown away by their big and epic sound. Tobi will deliver a facemelting solo on the song "Haunting My Dreams". Check out Orden Ogan now!

Orden Ogan - The Things We Believe In

Orden Ogan - We Are Pirates

13.10.2014 - Timo Tolkki - Guitar

I am glad to announce that the God of Power Metal himself is checking in to the land of Valley Doom. Timo Tolkki is one of the most influential guitarists/songwriters in the world of Power Metal. The band Stratovarius had a huge impact on me musically. I can't count all the times I have listened to the track "Fantasia" from the amazing album "Elements Pt. 1"! His solo album "The Land of New Hope" from last year became an instant classic and stands as one of my favorite albums ever. 

Stratovarius - Black Diamond

Stratovarius - Hunting High And Low

Timo Tolkki's Avalon - A World Without Us

10.10.2014 - Alex TheKing Mele - Guitar
Another lead guitarist just arrived to Valley Doom. The mighty Alex TheKing Mele from the Italian Power Metal band
KALEDON. This band delivered one of my favorite albums last year, and it is awesome to have this man on my upcoming Metal Opera!

Check out Kaledon!

Kaledon - The Calm Before the Storm:
Kaledon - A Dark Prison:

21.09.2014 - Alessio Lucatti - Synth

Alessio Lucatti from Etherna and Vision Divine will do an epic synth solo for the upcoming album "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1". I had the pleasure to work with him when my band
Darkest Sins did a mini tour together with Etherna and Fabio Lione here in Norway. Alessio is a great man, and it is very awesome to have him on board for this project

Vision Divine - Mermaids From Their Moons
Etherna - A Colour In The Rainbow

31.08.2014 - Jimmy Hedlund from Falconer recording his guitar solo for "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1"!

08.08.14 - Jonas Heidgert - Vocalist!
The amazing Jonas Heidgert from Dragonland will sing on the upcoming Metal Opera "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1"! Dragonland is one of the greatest Power Metal bands out there, and the vocal performance he delivered for my project blew me away. Be prepared for a fast Power Metal song with one of my favorite choruses from this album!

17.07.2014 - Kristian Tjelle in the studio recording his solo for "Free As the Wind"!

14.07.2014 - Jimmy Hedlund - Guitarist
A great announcement, and a great birthday gift for me. The awesome lead guitarist from Falconer, one of my favorite bands ever will appear on the upcoming "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1". Falconer has been a great influence on my own music for many years, and it will be awesome to hear Jimmy Hedlund play on one of my tracks.

Falconer - Carnival of Disgust
Falconer - Northwind
Falconer - Field of Sorrow

09.06.2014 - Ross the Boss - Guitar
The amazing Ross the Boss will play a guitar solo on the upcoming album 
Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1! He is one of my all time favorite guitar players, and has been a big influence on my own playing. This is beyond epic! He played on all the great 80s Manowar albums and has done some very awesome solo albums aswell! It is a big honour to have him on board

Manowar - Kings of Metal
Manowar - Battle Hymn
Ross the Boss - Blood of Knives
DeathDealer - Hammer Down

15.05.2014 - Edu Falaschi - Vocalist!

I present to you the final character in "The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1". Edu Falaschi has been a very big inspiration to me as a vocalist. I first heard his voice in Angra when they covered "The Number of the Beast". I was blown away by this band. Soon I found the album "Rebirth", which still remains one of my favorites. The song "Nova Era" is my favorite Angra song ever. His current band is Almah, and it kicks so much ass. Check it out! To have Edu sing one of my songs will be amazing!

Angra - Nova Era

Angra - Carry On (Live)

Almah - Living And Drifting

21.04.2014 - Lars Rettkowitz - Guitarist!

Lars is the lead guitarist of one of my favorite bands, Freedom Call! He has been one of my main influences on guitar since he joined the band in 2005. His sense for melodic guitar solos are amazing. His first album with Freedom Call was Dimension, and it still remains as one of my favorite albums ever! It is an honour to have him on board for this project! Looking forward to hear his magic on my songs!

Freedom Call - Union of the Strong

Freedom Call - Thunder God

Freedom Call - Warriors (Live)

13.04.2014 - Ramy Ali - Drummer!

Another special guest to appear on the album. The great drummer from one of my favorite bands, Freedom Call. He's also in the awesome band Iron Mask! AND he played on the great album Kiske & Somerville +++
It is an honour to have him on board, and I think he will fit perfect for this project!

Freedom Call - Union of the Strong
Kiske & Somerville - If I Had A Wish
Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill

03.04.2014 - Gard Austrheim - Guitarist!

Gard Eirik Austrheim is a great guy and a great guitarplayer that I got to know when I studied in Volda. His playing is very blues influenced, and I am looking forward to hear his solo on the song "Lost In A Dream"!

My Decending Ark on Facebook
Fatty Sunroad - Daily News (Music Video)

11.02.2014 - Simon Byron - Vocalist!
I discovered Simon's amazing voice in 2005 when his band Crystal Empire released their EP "Lord of Illusions". I was blown away by this EP, and it still remains one of my favorite releases ever. To have both the bassist Giorgio Novarino and Simon Byron from Crystal Empire on my upcoming album is very cool. Almost like a Crystal Empire reunion! ;)
In 2009 he was a guest vocalist for a demo EP for this project, where he sang the song "Lost In A Dream of No Return"! His current band is a heavy rock band called Sunset where he has been working with artists such as Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson).

Sunset - In Alto Le Mani

Crystal Empire - Lord of Illusions

23.01.2014 - Tim Ripper Owens - Vocalist!

I am very proud to announce another vocalist for this project. One of the best metal screamers in the world, mr Tim Ripper Owens! He's known for replacing Rob Halford in Judas Priest. He recorded two albums with them. The movie "Rock Star" was loosely based on Owen's career. He also sang in Iced Earth and Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force. He's now doing a solo career.

Iced Earth - When the Eagle Cries

Judas Priest - Blood Stained

Judas Priest - Painkiller

31.12.13 - John Yelland - Vocalist

New vocalist on Valley Doom. He's from the great American metal bands Disforia and Judicator He's been making good progress with his band, and hopes to get both of his bands signed someday. Check them out here:

Disforia - Our Time Defined

Judicator - Wenn Kronen  Zerschmettert Sind

The Show Must Go On cover


A little studio update. Here you can hear a little clip of Peter playing synth on the song "Free As the Wind" sung by George Tsalikis! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77xcojnbWjI

I am pleased to announce that Mark Boals will be singing on another track aswell. The opening track of the album. This will be a "duet" with Mark Boals and Artur Almeida from the band Attick Demons! It will be epic!

Check the Demo teaser of the song "Raise Your Shields" sung by Mark Boals HERE!

Demo teaser of the song "Raise Your Shields" sung by Mark Boals out now! LINK!

So, I started a fund raiser for the upcoming Metal Opera-project I am working on. Check it out! You can even buy my studio and tour used guitar!

04.09.13 - New Guest Vocalist - Elisa C. Martin

Elisa C. Martin is a Spanish Power Metal vocalist known from bands such as Dark Moor, Fairyland and Dreamaker. She was the vocalist in the band Dark Moor from 1999 to 2003. She´s also singing on my favorite Fairyland-album, called "Of Wars In Osyhria". Her current band is Hamka, check it out!

Fairyland - Fight For Your King
Dark Moor - Halloween (Helloween cover)
Hamka - Seventh Sea´s Sky

02.09.13 Mark Boals - Vocalist
Mark Boals is a great vocalist from America. May be best known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen, but I really love his later work aswell. I love his work on Iron Mask, Royal Hunt and Magnus Karlsson's Freefall to mention a few. His voice is amazing, and I am really glad to have him on board. He is not just amazing, he is the voice of the Dark Lord in "The Legend of Valley Doom"!

Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill
Royal Hunt - The Well

Photo by Alex Solca

18.08.13 New Guest Vocalist - Artur Almeida
I am proud to announce that Artur Almeida of the band Attick Demons will be joining the Legend of Valley Doom. He has an amazing voice. I was in total shock the first time I heard it a couple of years ago. Check it out yourself to believe it!

Attick Demons - The Flame of Eternal Knowledge
Attick Demons - City of Golden Gates

12.08.13 Artwork revealed!
So here it is. The awesome artwork done by Rob Joseph!
Here you see the Warrior King in battle against the evil forces led by the Dark Lord. As you see, the Warrior King is a bad ass, but will he lead Valley Doom into victory? We will know when we start recording this Epic Battle Metal Opera! Keep yourself updated on my Facebook page!
Until next time, thank you very much for your support!
Hail to Valley Doom!
Sincerly, Marius Danielsen

29.07.13 - Guest Bassist - Giorgio Novarino
Giorgio Novarino 
is a bassist I've admired for many years. He played bass in the band Crystal Empire, which still remains one of my favorite bands to this day. Their EP from 2005 is a masterpiece. After Crystal Empire, Nicogio joined the another great power metal band called Bejelit. He left the band in 2012.
To have this guy on board for the Valley Doom project is going to be great!

Crystal Empire - Lord of Illusions

Bejelit - Emerge

23.07.2013 New Guest Vocalist - George Tsalikis
George Tsalikis  is a great vocalist from the American power metal band Zandelle. I like the band a lot and are looking forward to hear George sing one of my songs!!

Zandelle - Queen Witch

Zandelle - Inner Strength

26.06.2013 - Guest Guitarist - Kristian Tjelle

Kristian Tjelle is one of the most awesome guitarists I´ve ever worked with. I´m glad to have him onboard for this Epic Metal Opera! He played guitar in our band Nocturnal Illusion. We recorded six demos for "The Legend of Valley Doom" in 2009. This is kind of a "reunion", hehe!

Kristian Tjelle - Canon Rock
Kristian Tjelle - Freebird

After 8 years I have decided to finish the work on The Legend of Valley Doom. It's been a project I've always wanted to record professionally, and now the time has come. I am currently working on re-recording demos, which includes re-arranging the songs and re-writing some of the lyrics. I want to write the lyrics so it can fit different characters. Which means that this album will include guest vocalists and other guest musicians. Right now I have the Warrior King, The King of Valley Doom, The Wizard and The Dark Lord, but I believe there will be more characters when this thing is finished. I've been in contact with some great people already. I have teamed up with my brother, Peter Danielsen (Eunomia, Darkest Sins on synth, the great swedish guitarist Esa Ahonen (Cryonic Temple), my one and only Anniken Rasmussen on bass (Darkest Sins) and the awesome Ludvig Pedersen (Darkest Sins) on drums. I also got two great sketches for the album artwork by Rob Joseph. They were so great I couldn't decide which one to use. Therefore I want to use them both. In other words, there will be TWO albums! The Legend of Valley Doom Part 1 & 2. You can see a little teaser of the artwork in this banner.

More news on guest musicians and other stuff later.



Marius Danielsen

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