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If you are interested in having Marius Danielsen, Anniken Rasmussen or Peter Danielsen guesting on your album, look no further. We can deliver high quality sound files for vocals, guitar, bass, orchestrations, piano and choirs. We can even help you write and arrange songs, and do lyrics for you.

For schedule and pricing, send an e-mail to:

Marius Danielsen services:


Don't let his image fool you. With his 3,5 octave range Marius Danielsen sings just about everything from blues to opera. He can hit sonic high metal screams and low Johnny Cash tones.

Guitar and bass:

He has played guitar since 2003 and can provide both bass, rhythm and lead guitar recordings for your project. Don't ask him to play weird rhythms, he only does 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8, haha!

Songwriting and arrangements:

If you have a little song idea but don't know how to create a song out of it, Marius can help you develop that idea into a song. If you don't have any ideas at all, Marius can also write a song from scratch for your band.

Anniken Rasmussen services:


Anniken Rasmussen has a few different kind of voices to play with. She can do everything from silky ballads and country to gritty rock and Metal.


She has played bass and sung lead vocals in the band Darkest Sins since 2009. Do you need rocky bass lines, you know who to ask.


Having problems writing lyrics? Anniken is an amazing lyricist and can provide high quality lyrics for your band. 

Peter Danielsen services:


Peter Danielsen is the lead singer in Eunomia, a Norwegian power metal band. He has sung lots of genres in the past and fixes both nice ballads and screaming Metal.


He is a very talented piano and keyboard player. Check his synth solo on Darkest Sins's song "Domineer".


Peter is known for making big orchestra arrangements in projects he is involved in. For example Darkest Sins, Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom, Eunomia and Aldaria.

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